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Looking for great connections

Building Diversity in the Startup Community

Social night for local Designers and Devs
Pixels and Pints

Weekly meeting of local entrepreneurs working on ideas and learning
Hack Nights

Monthly talks - new tech startup journeys
New Tech Meetup

Shaping the Culture of Calgary!

Mount Royal University Students enliven their community

Mount Royal University

U of C Gallery FM (Computational Media Design)


Co-locating a biz?

Accelerator YYC

Assembly YYC


Amazing Startup Resources

Startup Calgary

Cultural Events...

Pecha Kucha Night Monthly


Culture Calgary

Inspiring Talks

Walrus Talks


Big Shout out to Mount Royal Communications - Rockstar Teams


Caiden Ellice

DeAnna Kweens

Claire Samulak

Bridgette Slater

Taylor Thiessen


Chad Baird

Jessica Taylor

Natalie Brodych

Karli Irvine

Calgary Creatives Unplugged!

Randon Acts of Creativity

My Passion is

Ubooly - a Calgary Connection

Did you know Ubooly's founder was born and raised in Calgary?

Ubooly - The original smart toy

Have you spotted something that you didn't think would come from here? Let us know. We'll feature it
We are all about following people with heart and soul

See you soon

Last call... Get out of the house!

We leave you with some pics of Calgary

Get out and enjoy the scenery!


Experimenting with Culture for Five Years of events


Calgary's Culture is you

Meet, Blog, Create the story

Be part of the culture!

My passion is.....

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Bust the solotude. Meet up!


Events Events more Events

Monthly meet up at various coffee shops and interesting places. Get out of your solo zone.
limited to 10 people per meeting

Discovering a new venue each month
Feeling stuck? Get out and connect
Explore Calgary's hots spots, discover Calgary, meet some friends, share ideas

Find culture in Calgary? Start a project? Kickstart an idea?

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What is your random act of creativity?

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